The process

Here’s the basics as to what is involved in the average photo shoot. On average I generally invest at least 20-25 hours on each individual set of photos from planning, to shooting, to post-production.


This stage involves going over locations and the general needs/wants of the client. Here's where creativity is endless. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome.

The Photoshoot

A photo shoot typically takes around 4 hours with allowance for multiple location changes relatively close to each other. Here multiple images are taken from each angle with strong variation in lighting changes and exposures to have images to combine in post production.

Post Processing

This is where I spend most of the time- creating the images. Around 10-15 images taken in person are stacked and edited per final image in Photoshop. This process on average takes around an hour to an hour and a half. In some rare instances it can take up to more than four hours!

Before and After

Time Lapses