Every year on July 3rd, there’s an event in Addison, TX called Kaboom Town. Bringing in over 500,000 people on each occasion Kaboom Town is consistently ranked among the top ten firework shows across the U.S. Now, with that being said the event does get very crowded trying to cram every one of those 500,000+ people within a four mile radius in local parking lots, sidewalks, and any other form of public real estate. However, I’ve had the privilege of viewing the Fourth of July festivities in Addison, TX a little differently than most. Thanks to Christine’s generosity I was able to attend an up close viewing of the event in an airport hangar filled with exotic vehicles and familiar faces.

After the firework show, there was a lot of traffic- so we decide to play with long exposures and take more photos of the cars to pass time until traffic dimmed a little bit more. It was a fantastic night hanging out and catching up with friends and capturing a few memories. There were a lot of McLaren’s this year though- I guess you could call that a British Invasion ;). Thanks again to Christine and I am looking forward to next year’s festivities!